Is there any language that native-compiles faster than D?

kinke noone at
Thu Aug 20 21:21:39 UTC 2020

On Thursday, 20 August 2020 at 20:50:25 UTC, Per Nordlöw wrote:
> After having evaluated the compilation speed of D compared to 
> other languages at
> I wonder; is there any language that compiles to native code 
> anywhere nearly as fast or faster than D, except C?
> If so it most likely needs to use a backend other than LLVM.
> I believe Jai is supposed to do that but it hasn't been 
> released yet.

Pardon me, but that code seems everything but remotely 
representative to me - no structs, no classes, no control flow, 
just a few integer additions and calls. It even seems to make D 
look worse than it is, simply because object.d is imported but 
totally unused. E.g., on my Win64 box with DMD 2.093, compiling 

int add_int_n0_h0(int x) { return x + 15440; }
int add_int_n0(int x) { return x + add_int_n0_h0(x) + 95485; }

int add_int_n1_h0(int x) { return x + 37523; }
int add_int_n1(int x) { return x + add_int_n1_h0(x) + 92492; }

int add_int_n2_h0(int x) { return x + 39239; }
int add_int_n2(int x) { return x + add_int_n2_h0(x) + 12248; }

int main()
     int int_sum = 0;
     int_sum += add_int_n0(0);
     int_sum += add_int_n1(1);
     int_sum += add_int_n2(2);
     return int_sum;

with `dmd -o- bla.d` takes about 37ms, while creating an empty 
object.d and compiling with `dmd -o- bla.d object.d` takes 24ms. 
There's no default includes for C, so this would make the 
comparison more fair.

Additionally, generics and templates are completely different 
concepts and can't be compared.

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