first numbers: type function vs template

Stefan Koch uplink.coder at
Fri Aug 21 19:13:30 UTC 2020

Good Evening,

I have been talking about type functions for a while now, and 
have claimed theoretical performance improvements when compared 
to templates.
As well as nicer syntax.

Unfortunately, in the example I am about to present the type 
function syntax is not going to look better than the template.

class C0{}
class C1 : C0{}
// 497 class definitions omitted for brevity
alias CX = C498;

version (templ)
     template type_h_template(T)
         static if (is(T S == super) && S.length)
             enum type_h_template = ( T.stringof ~ " -> " ~ 
S[0].stringof ~ "\n" ~ .type_h_template!(S));
             enum type_h_template = "";

     static assert(type_h_template!(CX));
     string type_hierachy(alias T)
         string result;

         alias base_class;
         // for now this is a typefunction-only __trait
         base_class = __traits(getBaseClass, T);
             result ~= T.stringof ~ " -> " ~ base_class.stringof ~ 
             T = base_class;
             base_class = __traits(getBaseClass, T);

         return result;

    static assert(type_hierachy(CX));

Note: that the template recursion limit is 500 which is why we 
can only go up to C498, the type function can work with virtually 
infinitely deep hierarchies

I now run the following command to benchmark:
hyperfine "generated/linux/release/64/dmd test_getBaseClass.d 
-sktf -o-" "generated/linux/release/64/dmd test_getBaseClass.d 
-sktf -version=templ -o-" -w 20 -r 500

And it results in:
Benchmark #1: generated/linux/release/64/dmd test_getBaseClass.d 
-sktf -o-
   Time (mean ± σ):      21.4 ms ±   2.8 ms    [User: 16.8 ms, 
System: 4.9 ms]
   Range (min … max):    14.0 ms …  29.3 ms    500 runs

Benchmark #2: generated/linux/release/64/dmd test_getBaseClass.d 
-sktf -version=templ -o-
   Time (mean ± σ):      33.0 ms ±   2.6 ms    [User: 26.9 ms, 
System: 6.3 ms]
   Range (min … max):    24.9 ms …  41.6 ms    500 runs

   'generated/linux/release/64/dmd test_getBaseClass.d -sktf -o-' 
     1.54 ± 0.24 times faster than 'generated/linux/release/64/dmd 
test_getBaseClass.d -sktf -version=templ -o-'

Which shows that the type function is 1.5x faster for the chosen 
task, given naive implementations of both the type function and 
the template.

In terms of memory a quick best out of three reveals:
19080k for the template  and
14328k for the type function.

Which is a reduction by roughly 25%.

I am rather pleased by those numbers, given that type functions 
are still very much proof of concept and rather unoptimized.

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