Naive node.js faster than naive LDC2?

James Lu jamtlu at
Fri Aug 21 23:10:53 UTC 2020


LDC 1.23.0 (Installed from

ldc2 -release -mcpu=native -O3 -ffast-math --fp-contract=fast

Node v14.40 (V8 8.1.307.31)

Dlang trials: 2957 2560 2048 Average: 2521
Node.JS trials: 1988 2567 1863 Average: 2139


  - I had to reinstall Dlang from the install script
  - I was initially confused why -mtune=native didn't work, and 
had to read documentation. Would have been nice if the compiler 
told me -mcpu=native was what I needed.
  - I skipped -march=native. Did not find information on the wiki
  - Node.js compiles faster and uses a compilation cache

Mandatory citation:

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