help needed to bring Windows SecureChannel to dlang-requests

ikod igor.khasilev at
Mon Aug 24 04:06:27 UTC 2020


It's probably time to ask for help with long standing problem 
with SSL support for dlang-requests under Windows.

dlang requests is HTTP/FTP client library, inspired by 
python-requests. For long time it have support for ssl using 
dynamic load of openssl library version 1.0 or 1.1 (whatever user 
have in system). This works fine under Linux and OSX, but not 
under Windows.

The problem: in Windows to use OpenSSL you have to find, download 
and install openssl package from some thirtd party site. Library 
user is not always have enough skills to perform every step 
successfully, and what is worse - dlang requests have not enough 
skills to find installed library at runtime, so sometimes it 
succeed with SSL under Windows and sometimes - not.

I'd like to fix this problem using Windows native SecureChannel, 
but I know too little about windows programming and even less 
about secure channel. I need a person  skilled in both topics, 
who I can ask questions. I don't ask to write code for me, I just 
need some expertise.

If you feel you can help - please ping me on the project page - or by email igor.khasilev 


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