Is there any language that native-compiles faster than D?

James Lu jamtlu at
Wed Aug 26 01:31:01 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 26 August 2020 at 01:13:47 UTC, James Lu wrote:
> However, I suspect by the time the fastest and most balanced D 
> compiler finishes compiling the program and executing it, V8 
> will already have finished executing it.

DMD -O doesn't make a significant difference over DMD, clocking 
in at 12 seconds total.

LDC2 -O/-O2 has the best compilation-execution total, clocking in 
at 5.4 seconds. Subtracting the link time gets 5.0 seconds.

Its code generation phase (measured by measuring the time between 
-v's "code" and the link command) takes 2.6 seconds.

In contrast, compilation+execution for V8 JavaScript 2.0 seconds. 
V8's --trace-opt says it compiles each function once, and 
compilation (SSA creation, optimization, and code generation) 
takes a grand total of 0.027 seconds.

LDC's code generation is over 100 times slower. Surely there's 
opportunities for profiling and optimization here. (dmd's code 
generation is too bad to count.)

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