Is there any language that native-compiles faster than D?

ketmar ketmar at
Wed Aug 26 13:02:54 UTC 2020

Stefan Koch wrote:

> On Wednesday, 26 August 2020 at 04:37:06 UTC, ketmar wrote:
>> also, the same backend can be used to jit ctfe code later.
>> now we only need somebody to do it.
> CTFE needs a different code path from the regular backend.
> You need to be able to hook many things which usually you wouldn't need 
> to hook.

you're right... with the current backend. but with universal SSA backend, 
once you lowered the code to SSA, it doesn't matter anymore. for native 
code, lowering engine can emit direct memory manipulation SSA opcodes, and 
for CTFE it can emit function calls. the backend doesn't care, it will 
still produce machine code you can either write to disk, or run directly. 
or don't even bother producing machine code at all, but run some SSA 
optimisers and execute SSA code directly.

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