Is there any language that native-compiles faster than D?

MrSmith mrsmith33 at
Thu Aug 27 15:59:11 UTC 2020

On Thursday, 27 August 2020 at 14:52:06 UTC, Per Nordlöw wrote:
> Nice. Are/Will Vox's overloading rules be different from D's?
> Is there a list of D features you don't want?
> And a list of non-D features you plan?

Haven't given overloading a thought yet, but D way seems totally 
ok. Till that point, the lack of overloading wasn't a major pain 
point, though.
I tried to list main differences from D in the readme.
I want to have performant ways of introspection and 
code-generation that utilize CTFE as much as possible. I may add 
some support for polymorphism, like signatures/traits.
I'm not a big fan of poisonous attributes, so not adding them atm 
(But I have one now - #ctfe, for ctfe-only functions/structs). 
There are more basic stuff still missing from the language that I 
need to focus on.

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