Make `&` illegal

Johan j at
Fri Aug 28 01:44:19 UTC 2020

On Friday, 28 August 2020 at 01:26:58 UTC, Avrina wrote:
> On Friday, 28 August 2020 at 00:25:15 UTC, sarn wrote:
>> None of that says anything about syntax, but it's why D 
>> doesn't have member function pointers, per se, like C++ does.
> D does technically have them. They just aren't type safe. As 
> other people have said, the type should be either void*, or a 
> delegate with a null data pointer.

I much prefer if people refrain from making bold statements that 
are not facts. D does not "technically" have member function 
pointers. Please don't confuse what is happening in assembly for 
some architecture with what the language guarantees. There is no 
guarantee that a delegate call is the same as a method call with 
implicit `this` parameter.

`&` currently has no meaning for non-static member 
function foo, so let's agree on fixing the compiler to error on 
it. If you want `&` to have a meaning, e.g. member 
function pointers, please write a DIP.

(sorry for the agitated email, I'm trying to make some progress 
here, instead of endless debate about something off-topic)


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