Inline Assembler bug fixes

Walter Bright newshound2 at
Sat Aug 29 06:36:03 UTC 2020

The inline assembler is a surprisingly compact piece of code for what it does, 
but is overly complex. It's also not used that much, so it has tended to be 
neglected, and bug reports have slowly accumulated for it. Some were 10 years old.

But, once one figures out how it works, might as well go through the bug list 
for iasm and see what can be done about them.

I'm happy to report that it has been whittled down to 3: - the description is a little 
vague and I can't determine what the issue actually is - this one is a bit complicated 
to fix, but fortunately isn't critical - an enhancement request, not a bug

The list:

My apologies to those who have been suffering waiting for these fixes.

Happy Assembling!

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