[OT] Re: My choice to pick Go over D ( and Rust ), mostly non-technical

Schrom, Brian T Brian.Schrom at pnnl.gov
Sat Dec 5 20:15:27 UTC 2020

On Sat, Dec 05, 2020 at 03:04:05PM -0500, Andrei Alexandrescu via Digitalmars-d wrote:
>         I wonder where Go fits - someplace where sophisticated
> abstraction isn't needed yet there's still processing and networking to
> be done.

If I recall correctly, and quite possibly do not, Go, in part, came from
the need to scale up processing of log files for billing.  I think there
were 2  or 3 solutions before  Go that were attempts  of managing scaled
map-reduce specifically for log file processing  and Go was some what of
a general purpose language for this type of application.

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