DIP 1028 dub packages test package "sml"

Jon Degenhardt jond at noreply.com
Sun Jan 5 00:30:38 UTC 2020

On Saturday, 4 January 2020 at 22:43:10 UTC, Jon Degenhardt wrote:
> On the second issue, to make progress building tsv-utils in 
> @safe mode, it'd be necessary to  mark the tsv-utils routines 
> that call getopt as @trusted so that they can be used in an 
> @safe main(). I'd be reluctant to do this. For this safe 
> evaluation effort, an option would be to create a separate 
> phobos branch and mark std.getopt functions @trusted to allow 
> evaluation of calling code to proceed.

Nevermind the second idea, creating a branch marking getopt code 
@trusted. This won't help. The code calling getopt would need to 
be marked @trusted.

It would be very useful to bypass failures related to getopt use 
to see what else remains. I don't immediately see an easy path to 
do this though without actually rewriting the calling code.

As a general matter I think it would be useful to include more 
application code in these tests, as they may have different 
issues than the library code common in dub packages.


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