DIP 1028 dub packages test package "sml"

Jon Degenhardt jond at noreply.com
Sun Jan 5 01:13:14 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 5 January 2020 at 00:34:42 UTC, ag0aep6g wrote:
> On 04.01.20 23:43, Jon Degenhardt wrote:
>> Looking at the tsv-utils error log, an issue that will affect 
>> applications more often than libraries is that uses of the 
>> std.getopt package are normally @system. That's because getopt 
>> assumes the caller will pass the addresses of variables. If 
>> the variable is local, the compilation will fail in @safe 
>> code. The code will typically be "safe" in that these 
>> references are not leaving the caller's scope, but the 
>> compiler still rejects the code in @safe mode.
> With DIP 1000, that should work. But it looks like std.getopt 
> needs a little push.
> An attempt: https://github.com/dlang/phobos/pull/7344

Thanks for taking a look at this.

Does this mean DIP 1000 modifies the rule against taking the 
address of local variables in @safe functions? I did not realize 
this. Is there documentation somewhere describing the DIP 1000 
rules for @safe functions? It's hard to tell from the DIP 1000 
doc, and the rationale for "Superseded" status indicates that the 
implementation doesn't match the text of the DIP.

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