Thank You - 2019 Edition

Piotrek unknown at
Sun Jan 5 15:08:40 UTC 2020

Hello D community in the new year!

It may look a little bit silly to write such a post, but 
Christmas and New Year time encouraged me to do it regardless :)  
I wanted to send it before the last year was over, but anyway, 
"better late than never" (I hope I didn't overlook similar 
thread, I had busy time and so had to skip a lo of posts lately).

So below is my subjective list of people to whom I would like to 
send special thanks for they great gift they gave to the D 

- Walter Bright - You are the best SW engineer I have had a 
chance to know. It amazes me a lot how much I learned from your 

- Alexandru Alexandrescu - How much you invested in the D 
language is remarkable (both work and money). As a human I am 
happy you put your family first. I'm sending the greeting to you 
and your family.

- Mike Franklin - So grateful for your improvements of D 
abilities for embedded systems. I would like to apologize I 
didn't have a chance to support your work as I wanted.

- Iain Buclaw - I'm convinced that your dedication and hard work 
for including D language in GCC would increase D adoption 
substantially. You are a SW developer with exceptional skills.

- Manu Evans - You are always ready to provide improvements and 
critics regardless the time it will take to be considered. I 
always remember your entertaining talk from Dconf 2013.

- Steven Schveighoffer, Jonathan M Davis, Atila Neves, Sebastian 
Wilzbach, Brian Schott, Rainer Schuetze - Without your high 
quality work D programs would be nothing but academic toys.

- Laeeth Isharc - For supporting D community and investing money 
and corporate assets to share D language advantages with wider 
audience. I see your comments and views as very constructive 
always taking into account broader context.

- Mike Parker - For doing marketing and management hard work. You 
have a great impact of keeping our community in a good shape.

- Vladimir Panteleev - Your tools are engineering masterpiece. 
I'm thankful you are a member of the D key contributors.

- Adam D. Ruppe -  I always see you as a magician programmer. You 
created so many cool and edge bleeding D libraries that are also 
very useful at the same time.

- Ilya Yaroshenko - For creating amazing math/algebra libraries 
that can allow D numerical programs to be both convenient and 
performant. More than rocket science.

For sure I didn't disclose all people in the above list. Most 
probably there are those brave men who provided bug fixes and are 
outside the spotlight. That's why I would like to thank all 
contributors who voluntary joined those challenging efforts to 
develop the best programming ecosystem I know.

I wish you all the best in the future :)


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