Thank You - 2019 Edition

GreatSam4sure greatsam4sure at
Mon Jan 6 12:07:12 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 5 January 2020 at 15:08:40 UTC, Piotrek wrote:
> Hello D community in the new year!
> It may look a little bit silly to write such a post, but 
> Christmas and New Year time encouraged me to do it regardless 
> :)  I wanted to send it before the last year was over, but 
> anyway, "better late than never" (I hope I didn't overlook 
> similar thread, I had busy time and so had to skip a lo of 
> posts lately).
> So below is my subjective list of people to whom I would like 
> to send special thanks for they great gift they gave to the D 
> community.
> - Walter Bright - You are the best SW engineer I have had a 
> chance to know. It amazes me a lot how much I learned from your 
> experience.
> - Alexandru Alexandrescu - How much you invested in the D 
> language is remarkable (both work and money). As a human I am 
> happy you put your family first. I'm sending the greeting to 
> you and your family.
> - Mike Franklin - So grateful for your improvements of D 
> abilities for embedded systems. I would like to apologize I 
> didn't have a chance to support your work as I wanted.
> - Iain Buclaw - I'm convinced that your dedication and hard 
> work for including D language in GCC would increase D adoption 
> substantially. You are a SW developer with exceptional skills.
> - Manu Evans - You are always ready to provide improvements and 
> critics regardless the time it will take to be considered. I 
> always remember your entertaining talk from Dconf 2013.
> - Steven Schveighoffer, Jonathan M Davis, Atila Neves, 
> Sebastian Wilzbach, Brian Schott, Rainer Schuetze - Without 
> your high quality work D programs would be nothing but academic 
> toys.
> - Laeeth Isharc - For supporting D community and investing 
> money and corporate assets to share D language advantages with 
> wider audience. I see your comments and views as very 
> constructive always taking into account broader context.
> - Mike Parker - For doing marketing and management hard work. 
> You have a great impact of keeping our community in a good 
> shape.
> - Vladimir Panteleev - Your tools are engineering masterpiece. 
> I'm thankful you are a member of the D key contributors.
> - Adam D. Ruppe -  I always see you as a magician programmer. 
> You created so many cool and edge bleeding D libraries that are 
> also very useful at the same time.
> - Ilya Yaroshenko - For creating amazing math/algebra libraries 
> that can allow D numerical programs to be both convenient and 
> performant. More than rocket science.
> For sure I didn't disclose all people in the above list. Most 
> probably there are those brave men who provided bug fixes and 
> are outside the spotlight. That's why I would like to thank all 
> contributors who voluntary joined those challenging efforts to 
> develop the best programming ecosystem I know.
> I wish you all the best in the future :)
> Cheers,
> Piotrek

Thank you for bringing this up. These people and others who work 
silently deserve praise. I am pleased with the selfless effort 
they put into the D language.

2019 is a great year for the D language. The language saw a lot 
of improvements. The improvement rate is fast and the language 
quality has improved greatly.

The community on the other hands has become more coherent. It 
seems now to have a single forcus- making D the best language. 
Criticism is done more constructive, a difference of view is now 
discussed intelligently with the point of agreement in focus. It 
is really amazing the way the community have to channel it's 
energy now.

Great work like D coming to Android,subassembly, making @safe the 
default area really commendable.

I will be glad if D can have DFx a port of JavaFX to D. A Strong 
GUI kit for D that is easily customizable is a great need for the 

Once again thanks to all who make D what it is today

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