berni44 dlang at
Mon Jan 6 19:40:10 UTC 2020

In Phobos there are several toplevel modules which each are about 
one special file format. Wouldn't it be better to put them all 
into std.fileformats (or some similar place)?


If yes, there are some more questions poping up:

a) Should we use the change to replace some of the modules? At 
least for std.xml I found std-experimental-xml [1], which seems 
to be thought to replace xml eventually. And there are lot's of 
packages which address json. I don't know if there is one, which 
is *the* candidate for replacement.

b) Should we instead remove some of these? Probably is 
here the first candidate. (I put some work in it in the last few 
weeks, but it would be fine for me throwing this away.)

It's on a gut level - just wondering, what you think about this.


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