DIP 1028 @safe by default: compilability list of all dub packages

WebFreak001 d.forum at webfreak.org
Mon Jan 6 23:05:29 UTC 2020

> https://i.webfreak.org/safe-test/index.html

now built using
phobos commit c039fed84 (std.bitmanip.bitfields issues fixed)
dmd commit 0ab7e90df (changes delegate to @safe by default)

now: (with dub build, not building tests)
478 packages compile
740 packages are still broken
499 packages are not buildable in the first place (eventually a 
lot only expected to be used as dependency and not standalone 

so out of the compiling ones 39.2% currently work with no problem.

History: (adjusted to fix some build issues on my side)

dmd made delegates without safety attribute @safe by default:
compiles: 478, broken: 740, n/a: 499
works: 39.2%

phobos fixed the myToString method (fixes bitfields and some 
compiles: 456, broken: 762, n/a: 499
works: 37.4%

initial tests:
compiles: 324, broken: 894, n/a: 499
works: 26.6%

I think we can still fix a little bit but I don't think we can go 
above 50% just by fixing phobos, dependencies on dub now also 
need to be updated (my index currently only uses a fixed version 
and isn't updated with any new releases)

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