DIP 1028---Make @safe the Default---Community Review Round 1

Max Samukha maxsamukha at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 10:01:29 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 7 January 2020 at 08:42:07 UTC, Manu wrote:

> And 'system' is more logical and self-explanatory? Perhaps you 
> can
> offer some other suggestions?

Nice piece of rhetoric. I didn't even say anything about 
"system". No, it is not more logical or self-explanatory (like 
most identifiers, it is only vaguely hints at the actual 
semantics). No, I am not going to suggest anything - @system is 
ok with me. I don't feel too strong against "unsafe" either.

> I think it would have to be unusually compelling to break from
> industry accepted convention.

I don't think there is such thing as "industry accepted 
convention" with regard to "unsafe".

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