DIP 1028---Make @safe the Default---Community Review Round 1

NaN divide at by.zero
Tue Jan 7 17:18:54 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 7 January 2020 at 13:32:32 UTC, Max Samukha wrote:
> On Tuesday, 7 January 2020 at 10:25:36 UTC, Ola Fosheim Grøstad 
> wrote:
>> However, in an unsafe language, or unsafe language mode, or 
>> unsafe language constructs, the compiler and runtime will not 
>> detect and stop programs that don't belong to the defined 
>> language.
>> That is the meaning of "unsafe".
> Yeah, I know about that definition of "unsafe", thank you for a 
> lecture on basic CS. I still cannot agree that the term 
> "unsafe" is measurably more conventional than "unchecked" or 
> "system".

How about "shrug" or "meh"?

IE... "it might work ok but I couldn't be arsed to check."

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