Flutter engine based ui framework

Newbie2019 newbie2019 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 14:15:35 UTC 2020

Flutter engine is written by C++, original for Flutter framework 
based on Dark language.

But there is project to rewrite Flutter framework in TypeScript 
and C++ language, so they can developer mobile and desktop and 
IOT UI framework from TypeScript and C++.

They are cross platform (for android, IOS, window & macOS & 
linux) with native GPU acceleration UI framework.

examples: https://github.com/TGIF-iMatrix/MXFlutter  (and there 
also C++ and IOT project, I just cant find it)

The Alibaba ( biggest electronic business platform in China) use 
flutter to build they mobile

D has native C++ ABI support, is there any one interested to 
implement flutter framework on D language ?

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