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aberba karabutaworld at
Sun Jan 12 20:29:59 UTC 2020

Let's kill the bloat!!

Software disenchantment
I’ve been programming for 15 years now. Recently, our industry’s 
lack of care for efficiency, simplicity, and excellence started 
really getting to me, to the point of me getting depressed by my 
own career and IT in general.
Only in software, it’s fine if a program runs at 1% or even 0.01% 
of the possible performance. Everybody just seems to be ok with 
it. People are often even proud about how inefficient it is, as 
in “why should we worry, computers are fast enough”:
Look around: our portable computers are thousands of times more 
powerful than the ones that brought man to the moon. Yet every 
other webpage struggles to maintain a smooth 60fps scroll on the 
latest top-of-the-line MacBook Pro. I can comfortably play games, 
watch 4K videos, but not scroll web pages? How is that ok?
Modern text editors have higher latency than 42-year-old Emacs. 
Text editors! What can be simpler? On each keystroke, all you 
have to do is update a tiny rectangular region and modern text 
editors can’t do that in 16ms. It’s a lot of time. A LOT. A 3D 
game can fill the whole screen with hundreds of thousands (!!!) 
of polygons in the same 16ms and also process input, recalculate 
the world and dynamically load/unload resources. How come?

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