Pay as you go is really going to make a difference

Ron Tarrant rontarrant at
Mon Jan 13 16:42:03 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 12 January 2020 at 20:29:59 UTC, aberba wrote:
> Let's kill the bloat!!
> Software disenchantment
> =============================
> I’ve been programming for 15 years now. Recently, our 
> industry’s lack of care for efficiency, simplicity, and 
> excellence started really getting to me, to the point of me 
> getting depressed by my own career and IT in general.
> ...
> “why should we worry, computers are fast enough”:
> ...
> Look around: our portable computers are thousands of times more 
> powerful than the ones that brought man to the moon.
> ...
> Modern text editors have higher latency than 42-year-old Emacs.

This has bugged me for a while, too. Behind you all the way, 

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