Change D's brand color to blue.

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at
Mon Jan 13 20:22:36 UTC 2020

On Monday, 13 January 2020 at 19:32:44 UTC, Dominikus Dittes 
Scherkl wrote:
> On Monday, 13 January 2020 at 15:06:15 UTC, René Heldmaier 
> wrote:
>> "Have you heard of rust?"
> Yeah, I've heard of rust. It's that bad thingy that accumulates 
> on my car and make it wreak. What does that have to do with 
> programming? :-P

Brown is clearly the default programming colour.

Rust... Brown.
Java Coffee... Brown.
The original annotated C++ book... Brown.
The keys of Commodore 64... Brown.

I am sure there are more examples.

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