Pay as you go is really going to make a difference

JN 666total at
Thu Jan 16 20:27:10 UTC 2020

On Thursday, 16 January 2020 at 19:38:21 UTC, Arine wrote:
> Raytracing is just a marketing buzzword, it's exist for decades 
> in games and it's been used in realtime for almost as long. 
> That's the problem when you have people like you that don't 
> understand what they are talking about, throwing things like. 
> Oh we can do "raytracing" in real time then comparing that as 
> if it means something because we can do that. GPUs have been 
> doing operations like that for a long time, doing a lot simple 
> tasks thousands at a time in parallel. But there's still a 
> reason you can't run an operating system using a GPU. It's 
> fundamentally difference.

That's not true. While I believe the current trend of 
'raytracing' is mostly hype build by NVidia to sell their RTX 
GPUs, real time raytracing wasn't viable in the past. It only 
worked for simple scenes with few cubes and spheres and was very 
low resolution/noisy. Now we have the performance to do that, 
also we can use machine learning to denoise the image in a much 
better way than the previous algorithms did.

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