Deprecation plan for TypeTuple?

MoonlightSentinel moonlightsentinel at
Fri Jan 17 23:49:15 UTC 2020

On Friday, 17 January 2020 at 13:06:34 UTC, Jonathan M Davis 
> Originally, TypeTuple was left in undeprecated, because it was 
> so heavily used and so much code would get deprecation messages 
> if we actually deprecated it. So, we added AliasSeq and told 
> people to switch to using it, but we didn't actually do 
> anything to TypeTuple. We might have removed it from the 
> documentation at some point (I don't recall), but it was never 
> actually deprecated. I don't know how disruptive it would be to 
> deprecate it now.

std.typecons still has DDOC comments but is hidden from the 
public documentation (except a note on AliasSeq which we should 
probably be removed).

But I don't see much value in deprecating/removing TypeTuple 
because it's implementation just forwards to AliasSeq anyway and 
hence does not require maintenance/bugfixes.

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