Got some problemmes with new version of compiler 2.090

uranuz neuranuz at
Sun Jan 19 14:27:59 UTC 2020

> This kind of issue is really platform specific, so it would be 
> helpful to know which OS you are running, what's the env like 
> (How much memory ? Is it virtualized ?), etc...

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 with latest updates. It is not 
virtualized (AMD Ryzen 3700 processor). I have 32GB of memory, so 
I am very doubt that there could be any memory lack issue.
Nothing special or specific about it, I believe, because Ubuntu 
is enough popular and wide-spread distributive of Linux. And one 
of the distributives listed on dlang "Downloads" page. So I 
believe that DMD should be tested on this OS.

When I find enough time I shall try manually reduce problemme, 
because I don't have any idea how to apply Dustmite, etc. to this.
But for now seems that I need to revert to older compiler 
version, because I have already spend so much time for things 
that are not related to main goals of my project.

I was just interested if someone of developers remembers what 
changes were made to compiler/ library that may cause this 


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