Change D's brand color to blue.

IGotD- nise at
Mon Jan 20 11:09:59 UTC 2020

On Monday, 20 January 2020 at 10:06:13 UTC, Jan Hönig wrote:
> I think the color red is fine. It sands out and feels nice and 
> warm.
> If you want do marketing and be creative then invent a proper 
> mascot.
> Something which can be made out of plush so you can hand them 
> out at conferences.
> I got a chameleon from SUSE. I don't even like SUSE. But it is 
> a nice plush toy and it is a good remainder that it exists.
> SUSE chameleon: 
> Common Lisp mascot: 

No mascot, no Mascot, NO MASCOT. Let's not go in those immature 
territories. If you want to products for companies, then I 
suggest that you buy something useful and put the D logo on it 
and perhaps a link to the site. It can for example be an airplane 
pillow or a cup. Then people will use that product and be 
reminded of D instead of some plush toy that will end up in a 

If you don't like the D-man, it can removed quickly as it is used 
very seldom. It is just once on this site what I've seen. It is 
pretty harmless.

Just for comparison, one of the most successful multi billion 
profit companies has four squares as logo chucked together for 
its main product. You can really keep things simple.

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