Feedback for this editorial cartoon

FeepingCreature feepingcreature at
Mon Jan 27 05:54:20 UTC 2020

On Monday, 27 January 2020 at 03:05:57 UTC, bauss wrote:
> Like every time I see someone reporting a bug for the compiler 
> here on the forums it's always some obscure scenario that isn't 
> a scenario you usually get into and often there are 
> work-arounds.

The threat profile of compiler bugs is rarely "we can't move 
forward with this functionally", but that's not the problem - the 
problem is "we assumed this works and now our code crashes in 
production and makes us look bad." And work-arounds rely on you 
remembering to apply them - not every compiler bug is a crash at 
compiletime. D has had more than its fair share of miscompilation 

And those obscure scenarios are usually reductions of more 
complex but individually plausible projects. Of course it looks 
obscure with the business case filed off.

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