Bullet Physics in D

Jonathan Levi catanscout at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 18:52:36 UTC 2020

I want to use the Bullet physics engine for a project of mine 
which is in D.  I have found many a bunch of different posts in 
the Forum (the most recent was in 2016).  The primary problem 
seemed to be dealing with the fact the Bullet is made in C++.  
(It has been 4 years, has D & C++ binding gotten easier now?)

Bullet now has a first-party C API (which they use for PyBullet 
(Python bindings for Bullet)).  It should then theoretically be 
easy to make bindings!

I would really like to see bindings for Bullet created.  And I 
will be putting effort to do it, but I know there are others in 
the D community who would far better at managing it than myself.

@BLM768 @Dechcaudron @vuaru

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