Adela Vais - SAOC Milestone 2 Update 1 - Dlang GLR Parser for GNU Bison

Adela Vais adela.vais99 at
Fri Nov 6 16:08:55 UTC 2020

On Monday, 26 October 2020 at 19:11:27 UTC, Adela Vais wrote:
>>> [...]


As of last week:
- I resubmitted the Context class and the custom error message 
patches with the needed corrections and suggestions. [0]
- I made the requested changes for the PR for dlang/phobos. [1]
- I implemented the yyerrok functionality, which is currently 
under review. [2]
- I made a style cleanup in the D examples, currently under 
review. [3]
- I worked on the tests for programs that use multiple parsers, 
but I still have some problems. The problem is about integrating 
the tests I made in the test suite. If I can't make it work 
today, I will send a PR with what I changed until now so I can 
get help.
- After the modifications in the parser, the lookahead is again a 
work in progress.

The plan for next week:
- Continue working on the above.
- Start working on the push parser[4] for D (right now, the LALR1 
parser is of type pull).



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