Help with testing my cross-platform library

Vladimirs Nordholm v at
Sat Nov 7 18:37:15 UTC 2020


I am working on a cross-platform terminal manipulation library, 
and I need help finding differences between platforms. Different 
operating systems and different emulators all work slightly 

My idea is that you, the reader, clone my project and run an 
example file with your favorite terminal emulator. The library 
also detects input, so press a button or two with modifier keys 
like ctrl, shift, etc. After this, you send me a screenshot of 
what your terminal looks like along with which operating system 
and terminal emulator you use, and I will be forever grateful. 
Either reply with a link to a screenshot, or email me at 
v(@) .

So far I am only trying to identify any differences. I have a few 
setups to test on, and I'll provide some images of what I am 
looking for:

- Windows 10, CMD.exe:
- Windows 10, Windows Terminal+Powershell:
- GitHub Codespace, integrated terminal:

If you want to help me, please run the following commands. I've 
tried to make it as seamless as possible to get the test program 
up and running (requires git, dmd, and dub).

# on posix
git clone
cd scone
cp misc/test.d source/main.d

# on windows
git.exe clone
cd scone
copy misc\test.d source\main.d

This would be very valuable for me, and I really hope you find 
this easy enough to try out and help me.

Best regards,
Vladimirs Nordholm

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