Phobos, Unittests, and Symlinks

starcanopy starcanopy at
Sat Nov 7 21:36:30 UTC 2020

Disclaimer: I'm quite sleep-deprived at the moment, so please 
bear with me: the wording could be awkward.

At the moment, std.file.symlink (and, by extension, readLink) is 
only implemented for POSIX systems. There is an issue open to add 
Windows support, and since only Vista and later iterations are 
supported (IIRC), then including a Windows version is a rather 
low-effort task. However, Windows necessitates that one confers 
administrative rights to the process calling the pertinent WinAPI 
function. (In Windows 10, you may enable Developer Mode and pass 
a flag to the function.) Therefore, given unittests for these 
functions' Windows versions, anyone who wants to test Phobos on 
and for Windows must escalate the process. I'm assuming this also 
extends to the CI pipelines' Windows hosts. I have a few ideas as 
to how to go about this, but I'm interested in hearing whether 
what I wrote is sufficient enough to close the issue outright.

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