btdu - a sampling disk usage profiler for btrfs (written in D)

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at
Tue Nov 10 13:55:52 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 10 November 2020 at 10:42:09 UTC, Vladimir Panteleev 
> But, by itself the GC doesn't add much latency to introduce 
> stutter in the UI - a GC scan is generally quick enough that 
> the UI doesn't feel laggy or stuttery. The problem is that the 
> GC is waiting for all threads to finish their ioctls, while the 
> program otherwise is completely suspended. This affects not 
> just UI, but throughput.

Would a thread local GC with reference counted shared objects 
work for your use case?

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