Better branding of -betterC

ryuukk_ ryuukk_ at
Wed Nov 11 22:15:18 UTC 2020

BetterC has many flaws

- you have to be explicit in your code with @betterC @noGC etc 
etc etc, it's ugly and  annoying

- GC is still predominant everywhere (AA, arrays, string, 

I am testing ZIG since last month, and let me tell you what, it 
is what i wanted D to be

NO GC at all! custom allocator friendly

I don't mind having the GC in D when i just want to quickly 
prototype something, or write a CLI tool

But for anything else, i rely on betterC and the experience is 
very very very poor!

Before thinking about better branding, what needed is: FIX IT! 
and make it cleaner

And most importantly! it shouldn't be called betterC, it should 
be called D, plain simple, just D!

Move the GC as a separate library, and make it opt-in rather than 

Language should be simple, so you can do everything you want as a 
library (GC, RC)

I still have hopes for D as my main language, but the no gc story 
needs to be sorted ASAP

But to be very very honest, i doubt that'll ever happen, even NIM 
is handing that story better..

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