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aberba karabutaworld at
Thu Nov 12 20:39:11 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 11 November 2020 at 16:34:00 UTC, frame wrote:
> I wonder no one noticed it but as I mentioned in another 
> thread: the search is insufficient
> Looking for example "sql" will not output packages with 
> "mysql". You have to search with explicit names instead. I have 
> no idea where I can report this.

I'm pretty sure the reason the dub registry search is inaccurate 
is due to the limitation of MongoDB's built-in Text search. The 
$text operator only due well for the EXACT match [1] so partials 
might not work. I personally don't rely on it for search 
functionality. You have to give it the exact word you're looking 
for in MOST cases.

 From [1]:
> For case insensitive and diacritic insensitive text searches, 
> the $text operator matches on the complete stemmed word. So if 
> a document field contains the word blueberry, a search on the 
> term blue will not match. However, blueberry or blueberries 
> will match.

Their Cloud offering however comes with a special search product 
[2][3] (elasticsearch under the hood... if I remember correctly) 
for accurate search.

Another alternative is to roll out a self-hosted elasticsearch 
instance for text search.

MeiliSearch [4], built-in rust, is simple and clean for my taste. 
It's what I'm going to use for my little side-project.





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