D Considered Harmful (Amusing Tidbit)

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> > I never noticed, but cat-v lists D as harmful
> > (http://harmful.cat-v.org/software/). Of course, C++ and Java are that
> > list too with some other popular languages... and Vala.
> Of course D is harmful.  It has absolutely harmed my desire to work with
> any other language. Every time I'm tasked with fixing C or C++ code, I
> start writing and then realize that I just used a D-ism, and that
> wouldn't work in C and C++.  Every time I write Java, I feel this urge
> to refactor all that cumbersome boilerplate with a template, and then I
> realize, oops, that's also a D-ism that isn't in Java.  After several
> rounds of this, I have lost all appetite to program in any other
> language than D. Every time I write in any other language, I chafe
> inside wishing for this or that D feature.  D has ruined me.
> If that's not harmful, I don't know what is. ;-)

Every single word here resonates to my core.
The worst part is, I'm paid to work on C++ code, and not just any C++ code,
code that desperately wants to be D code trying to do all the worst stuff
from modern C++ and resulting in chaotic mess.
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