My idea for seamless interop to C++

Petar Petar
Wed Nov 18 23:32:00 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 18 November 2020 at 14:04:36 UTC, Markus wrote:
> Hi there!
> For months I've been thinking on how to escape C++.
> Here are my thoughts about that matter:
> What do think about that idea. Is it worth a shot? I'm thinking 
> about implementing such a tool.
> Have fun,
> Markus

Kudos for the detailed comparison between the different C++ 

That said, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I don't think this would 
be a a viable approach (translating D source code to C++ (not 
just headers) while preserving the high-level structure). D is 
also a complex language (just the complexity is much less and 
much better managed compared to C++) and doing a semantically 
correct translation (while even preserving high-level concepts, 
such as OOP) would be quite hard. D's template system is more 
powerful (and more sane) than the one of C++, so you can't 
translate any D code that use templates basically (which is 
pretty much the whole standard and runtime library).

I believe there are 5 approaches / areas worth investing to:
1. dmd's built-in extern (C/C++) ABI and header generation [1] 
[6] [7] [8]
2. dpp [2]
3. dstep [3] (I really wish Atilla would collaborate with Jacob 
on merging dpp and dstep)
4. cling [4] - as far as I know Symmetry have build some sort of 
bridge between D and C++ based on this.
5. Calypso - using Qt from D is nothing sort of astonishing! 
Unfortunately all the work is done by single developer. If others 
would join, hopefully the project could progress much faster.


[6]: | 

I'm curious to know more on your thoughts on dmd's dtoh.

You can find some sample generated code here:

Big example:

Smaller examples:

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