Could D be used by Jonathan Blow rather jai language?

Paulo Pinto pjmlp at
Thu Nov 19 13:42:38 UTC 2020

On Thursday, 19 November 2020 at 12:47:08 UTC, elisecoen wrote:
> On Wednesday, 18 November 2020 at 16:13:20 UTC, Jack wrote:
>> [...]
> I don't understand his secrecy, it makes the whole thing 
> unnecessarily strange. Even fully public languages (like zig or 
> nim) have a hard time getting enough recognition, what the hell 
> is he trying to achieve with a compiler that was only seen by a 
> handful of people? Just look at a successful project like rust 
> and check out how many manhour is needed for something like 
> that, it's insane. And most people don't even know rust 
> exists.. Even if Jai is the most perfect language ever, it's 
> still doomed. The language itself is a strange mutation of C, I 
> don't see it becoming the next best thing because it doesn't 
> actually do anything that is interesting enough to switch to it.

He is doing it for himself, he doesn't care to share it with the 

Doing in-house languages is quite common in game studios.

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