DCD - Improving the tooling

Ethan gooberman at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 16:42:15 UTC 2020

This came about naturally during Robert's talk, and discussing 
how good UFCS is. Because UFCS is great and I use it extensively. 
But it can be difficult to use for people used to modern IDEs for 
one very good reason: DCD doesn't include UFCS in its 

The purpose of this thread is to highlight that we should look at 
improving DCD here. Initially about UFCS, but I'm certain there's 
a bunch of other stuff that needs improving. So please go ahead 
and highlight what you think should be improved.

The conversation went a bit like this (the magic of copy/paste):

​I unqualifiedly love ufcs and dropping parentheses

Dennis Korpel
​Biggest problem with UFCS for me is that DCD doesn't 
auto-complete it

​That's certainly a tooling problem, not a language problem. 
Which makes that a very solvable problem

Dennis Korpel
​I know, but it does affect how I write code

Per Nordlöw
​dcd ufcs autocompletion, yes pleeease. why is this so hard to 

Per Nordlöw
​jump to ufcs-function definition in dcd would be even easier and 
a feature I miss even more

​This feels like we should make a forum thread about improving DCD

​The value proposition is high

Per Nordlöw
​yes please

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