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aberba karabutaworld at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 11:30:31 UTC 2020

On Monday, 23 November 2020 at 09:53:29 UTC, ddcovery wrote:
> Before all,
> I'm really enjoying with last weekend presentations:  thanks 
> for the great work despite the difficulties.
> Well, today I was writting an answere on Quora (spanish) about 
> web development and I decided to enumerate some "strong typed" 
> programming languajes with it's main webslite link (I allways 
> include dlang as an alternative)...
> I noticed that kotlin, scala, typescript, rust, ... all of them 
> take care about the "first impression" offering a modern web 
> interface in the main site.  DLang website first impresion is 
> "old", mainly because de size/location/color of the 3 download 
> buttons, the height of the top navbar, and the difficult to see 
> the missing title "The D programming language" or "D happy 
> developers language" ( :-p ).  Type script website is "similar" 
> to the dlang one and first impression is better.
> It's only an opinion... I'm developer, not web designer, but 
> first impression counts!!!

I did a video on the D website looking outdated. I guess a 
designer is needed to clean things up.

That's if the foundation is willing to make the change... 
decluttering the website too.

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