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Tue Nov 24 11:29:03 UTC 2020

On Monday, 23 November 2020 at 23:27:22 UTC, IGotD- wrote:
> On Monday, 23 November 2020 at 09:53:29 UTC, ddcovery wrote:
>> ...
> I think the home site is fine. It simple, fast and responsive. 
> Documentation itself can be out of date though. The biggest 
> problem I have is *this* what you are using right now, the 
> newsgroup interface. It is so old and user unfriendly. There 
> several forum SW to choose from out there so there is no reason 
> to migrate. I just hate it when I see some mistake I've made 
> but I cannot edit my post because this is the 90s.

dlang.org website is really fine for D developers: it acts as a 
HUB where presentation, information, resources, forums, ... are 
integrated.   This is really a hard (and great) job.

And it's fast!!!

I have to clarify that I use, primary, linux (ubuntu) and this is 
the origin of the problem:  Dlang offers 3 download buttons (2 
red, 1 white) with "complex" texts,  and this "breaks" completly 
the balance of the intro section (Windows users see only 1 
"Downloads" button and intro section is well balanced).

With small changes you can "balance" the experience.

i.e.: (for linux)

* Use only 1 download button with a simple text "Download D"... 
this navigates to the download page where you offer your platform 
buttons (i.e,:  DEB an RPM) and the complete alternatives list.

If you are using Ubuntu, try this (on browser console) in 
dlang.org page:

$(".download a.btn.action:first-child").css({"fontSize":"16px", 
"padding": "0.7em"}).html("Download 
$(".download a.btn.action:not(:first-child)").remove();
$(".download a.btn:not(.action)").remove();

If your are using "Windows"... web site looks fine... May be an 
small change :-)

$(".download a.btn:first-child").
   "padding": "0.7em",
   "border-color": "#98312A",
   "background-color": "#B03931",
   "color": "white"
html("Download <b>D</b>").

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