Feedback Thread: DIP 1033--Implicit Conversion of Expressions to Delegates--Final Review

Mike Parker aldacron at
Wed Nov 25 02:44:05 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 24 November 2020 at 23:45:24 UTC, MD-39 wrote:

> Yah I can clarify that misunderstanding for you.

I'm usually very strict about posts violating the Feedback Thread 
rules, but I'm not going to delete this one. Please, unless the 
DIP author explicitly asks you to clarify something, take this 
sort of the post to the Discussion Thread (where you can note 
that you're replying to the DIP author's response in this thread 
and paste a link to it). This thread is specifically for raising 
issues with the DIP, not for discussing them. If you're not 
writing something that goes in the review summary, then it 
doesn't belong here.

And please don't reply to this post.


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