About whether D / rust / golang can be popular.

JohnT hon at afadsf.com
Thu Nov 26 19:17:25 UTC 2020

I already raised similar sentiments. There are lot of posts where 
community is asking the D maintainers. They might not be 
interested and keep silent. I wonder why
a. why other upcoming langugages like crystal/nim/even zig has 
more contributors.(i meant they are good languages but they are 
more welcoming and have more news)
b. I thought after walter's talk on memory corruption, there will 
be a big buzz on D as a safe and easy alternative to rust. I 
didnt see a single post on HN/reddit.
c. AFAIK the fastest file system in world is written in D. Isnt 
this enought for everyone to convince(am not sure if its a mix of 
c++ and D).
d. I wish andrei/walter/others bring the community together and 
create a goal.
e. There is no other way other than challenging Rust/Go with 
features and benchmarks. Since we dont have corporate funds, we 
have to do haka dance. I wonder why Facebook didnt adopt it more 
when Andrei was there. Not sure what all issues they saw.
There is lot of selflishness here. I cant wait for 15-20m of 
build for every single line of C++ code change I make. I want a 
better language. Hope the maintainers come out of their feature 
parity race, frog in well attitude and make D a big success. 
Without community there is nothing. You can have a dogmatic goal 
like go, but you need one. Hope I dont have to start liking rust.


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