Alternatives to exceptions for error handling

Ola Fosheim Grostad ola.fosheim.grostad at
Sun Nov 29 18:46:22 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 29 November 2020 at 18:17:02 UTC, Roman Kashitsyn 
> Thoughtful error handling never looks good, and exceptions 
> don't help with that at all: try/catch syntax is very 
> heavyweight and encourages you to propagate errors instead of 
> dealing with them where they arise.

I have no proble with the syntax, but single inheritance is not 
so great.

One should be able to throw and catch a set of properties in some 
kind of pattern matching way. Maybe also inject handlers that are 
triggered by certain patterns at certain boundaries.

> Exceptions also make type signatures less precise: it's hard to 
> be sure I handled all the errors I can recover from if I don't 
> know which errors can actually occur.  There is no way to tell 
> without inspecting the full transitive closure of the code I 
> call into.

A good IDE should show this, so a tooling issue, not a language 

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