Future of D 2.x as stable/bug fix, and what's next for D 3.x

Bruce Carneal bcarneal at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 15:43:55 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 1 September 2020 at 15:17:03 UTC, Mathias LANG wrote:
> On Sunday, 30 August 2020 at 17:32:32 UTC, Eljay wrote:
>> What is left to do for D 2.x for it to be declared "done" and 
>> in stable/bugfix mode only?
>> I haven't seen a Vision/20xxHy for a while.
>> What features (and breaking changes) are on the horizon for 
>> when the next generation D 3.x begins?
>> [...]
>> Thoughts?  Plans?  Roadmap?
> Once again: I don't see D3 happening. There are plenty of bugs 
> to fix, and we can do it gradually. We are doing it gradually, 
> in fact.
Yes.  We're mostly "adding" our way to D3, rather than "changing".

> Everyone has their own agenda, but as mentioned by Ali, we need 
> people to do the job. So while I don't know what other people 
> have in mind, here's my TODO list:
> 1) `in` parameters: Will be in v2.094.0
> I started to adapt libraries so everyone can "just" use it as 
> soon as it's released.
> If things work fine (no bug), and it has the adoption I hope, 
> then I'll push to have it enabled after 10 to 15 releases 
> (perhaps more). At a cadence of 1 release / 2 months, that puts 
> at release 2.104 in May 2022, or 2.109 in January 2023.

I think this will have a very large positive impact: widely 
applicable, easily adopted, bug precluding.  Many thanks.

> 2) `inout`-style attributes for functions accepting delegates:
Improving transparency and control in composition: yes.

> 3) Moving from Bugzilla to Github: I started working on this,
> Those are the main 3 big items I see myself working on for the 
> foreseeable future, aside from the other maintenance work.

We all benefit from your well targeted work on the near-frontier 
Mathias.  Again, many thanks.

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