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JN 666total at
Fri Sep 4 14:02:17 UTC 2020

On Friday, 4 September 2020 at 13:56:20 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
> I'm generally supportive of this, but it could backfire if it's 
> not very active. Someone new to the language could get the 
> impression that a few projects were started here and there, and 
> now they're all dead. There would need to be regular project 
> updates (even if they're small). The number of project-related 
> posts in the announce forum is not encouraging. I suppose it's 
> possible that announce is currently used only for major 
> announcements. It wouldn't look good if that's all we had in a 
> subforum dedicated to projects.

I don't think announcements is a good match. Announcements is for 
releases and of certain quality, things people are proud to show 
to others. I imagine Projects would be full of WIP projects, 
something people are experimenting on. I assume there are many 
people working on stuff in D, which they never finish so you 
never learn about those.

Also, sometimes I try to show D to my friends and coworkers. They 
are quite conservative when it comes to languages, they know C#, 
Java, C++, but they aren't aware of less mainstream languages 
like Go, Rust, D, Nim etc. First question they ask me is "what 
kind of stuff people do with D"? I wish I could point them to 
this forum for them to look around. I usually show them the old 
dsource forums as "what people used D 
for", but it's not active anymore so it's not a good reference 

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