Discussion Thread: DIP 1036--Formatted String Tuple Literals--Community Review Round 1

Paul Backus snarwin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 19:07:34 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 8 September 2020 at 10:59:31 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> This is the discussion thread for the first round of Community 
> Review of DIP 1036, "Formatted String Tuple Literals":
> https://github.com/dlang/DIPs/blob/15537f9b36afa48f1c1cd57468e8c77f8f2499dd/DIPs/DIP1036.md

When a DIP has to devote an equal amount of space to justifying 
the caveats and limitations of its proposal as it does to 
explaining the proposal in the first place (~1,500 words each), I 
think that is probably a sign that the proposal is not a very 
good one.

Maybe the authors can try getting it into C++23 instead. :^)

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