In the age of microservices and networking in general, were D is at?

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Sun Sep 13 19:52:52 UTC 2020


Today i want to talk a little bit about my experience trying to 
get a service setup in my server, so it could communicate with my 
existing solutions (i am in the process of porting everything i 
had to D)

So i wanted to replace a super basic piece, just to test things a 
little bit (i am already using D extensively for a game)

What do i need?

Basic HTTP Server to passively listen to messages

Basic HTTP Client to call some API services

TCP Server/Client to act as a proxy (needs SOCKS5 support)

Out of the box, D has:

Socket - without proxy support

HTTP client - with the help of CURL

Hmm, out of the box the experience is super poor, if one wanted 
to make a microservice, looking at the alternatives, GO is the 
only decent high level native language that has all needed out of 
the box

So i am forced to look at github/dub packages

And the expenrience there can varry a lot depending on the user 
(how he look for dub packages, google, github, code.dlang etc etc)

Couldn't the default experience be better?

What's preventing from having HTTP Server/Client, Socket with 
proxy support in the std lib?

In the day and age of microservices and networking in general, i 
think it is mandatory for any modern language to have such tools 
provided by default

A base where everyone could share expertise, and anyone could 
build middleware, on a same common base!

Right now the easiest solution would be to write microservice in 
other language..

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