Discussion Thread: DIP 1036--Formatted String Tuple Literals--Community Review Round 1

Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 02:28:36 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 13 September 2020 at 15:40:25 UTC, Jackel wrote:
> It potentially can, or at least wasn't that part of the 
> rationale for deprecating the comma expression?

Yeah, maybe some day (and actually this DIP as written would be a 
practical tuple literal, though the more recent drafts we're 
throwing around are not anymore), but right now there isn't.

An AliasSeq comes close, but forces CTFE. A std.typecons.tuple 
comes close, but forces object member storage. A function 
parameter list might be closest but that's its own level of werid.

But yeah, a non-string tuple literal is perhaps something to 
explore separately too.

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