In the age of microservices and networking in general, were D is at?

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>> I think the plain text one is the most important one to fix
>> first, such basic concept shouldn't be that slow
> As others already pointed out, it is not thats vibe-d perform bad. But the
> others use some not so nice tricks to be so fast.
> This is why I say I can make vibe-d same fast as the others, but it would
> be cheating from my perspective.
> They do not real http parsing, they generally just  match only the minimum
> what they needed.
> They use static buffer with already prepared responses
> They do not send all http headers
> They use one char Server name http header.
> So when I use vibe-d without the http package and just use TCPconnection
> and do the same as the others I would have the same speed, but this is not
> what you generally want.
But to be fair, there are many places where vibe-d performance could be
There is a big penalty when you use keep-alive smaller then Duration.max
vibe-d write headers independet from body content which is one of other big
performance penalty
vibe-d do address translation with each request thats other performance hit
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