Isn't `each` too much of a good thing?

Andrei Alexandrescu SeeWebsiteForEmail at
Thu Sep 17 16:18:18 UTC 2020

The implementation of each in std.algorithm.iteration sets out a lofty 
goal: whatever can be iterated, must be iterated with each.

Problem is, there are way too many things that can be iterated in D and 
too many ways to iterate them. This leads to a veritable gallop of checks:

     alias BinaryArgs = AliasSeq!(fun, "i", "a");

     enum isRangeUnaryIterable(R) =

     enum isRangeBinaryIterable(R) =
         is(typeof(binaryFun!BinaryArgs(0, R.init.front)));

     enum isRangeIterable(R) =
         isInputRange!R &&
         (isRangeUnaryIterable!R || isRangeBinaryIterable!R);

     enum isForeachUnaryIterable(R) =
         is(typeof((R r) {
             foreach (ref a; r)
                 cast(void) unaryFun!fun(a);

     enum isForeachUnaryWithIndexIterable(R) =
         is(typeof((R r) {
             foreach (i, ref a; r)
                 cast(void) binaryFun!BinaryArgs(i, a);

     enum isForeachBinaryIterable(R) =
         is(typeof((R r) {
             foreach (ref a, ref b; r)
                 cast(void) binaryFun!fun(a, b);

     enum isForeachIterable(R) =
         (!isForwardRange!R || isDynamicArray!R) &&
         (isForeachUnaryIterable!R || isForeachBinaryIterable!R ||

Does this pass the laugh test? How can one explain a colleague "yep, 
here are the conditions under which you can iterate over an object in 
the D language".

I don't contest the correctness of this code. I contest its being 
sensible. There's just too much of a good thing.

For example: static arrays are supported. Why? This creates a dangerous 
precedent whereby we'd need to support static arrays with other 
primitives, such as map or reduce. (We don't, and we shouldn't. Let them 
add a "[]" to the array.) Where do you stop?

We support opApply with one, two, or more arguments. Built-in hashtables 
(when was the last time you were in a place in your life where 
hashtable.each was useful?). You name it - we support it.

This is in the same league with supporting enums that use string as a 
base, as "some kinda sorta string thing".

Too much!

I have no idea how to improve this code because it will break one of the 
suitably overspecialized unittests. But this kind of stuff has no place 
in stdv2021.

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